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The Hedgehog Room

Classroom Overview

Whether they’re smiling for the first time, rolling over, crawling, or saying their first words, the infants in The Hedgehog Room are constantly growing, exploring and learning new things.

The Hedgehog Room was designed to provide exceptional care for infants, aged six weeks to ten months. Enrolled families can expect a safe, secure, nurturing, and age-appropriate learning environment. Experienced, well-qualified teachers are staffed at a 1:4 ratio. Teachers are dedicated to responding promptly to every child’s feeding, sleeping, diapering and playtime needs.

Families form partnerships with teachers to develop schedules that cater to each child’s individual needs. Families are provided with daily written reports that accurately summarize the child’s daily activities and record any new developments. In addition to communication at drop off and pick up, families are encouraged to call or visit as desired.

Here we grow

Classroom Schedule

Our teachers provide numerous activities and interactions that stimulate learning and promote growth, while recognizing each child’s individualized schedule. Some activities/interactions include tummy time, group and one-on-one playtime, story time, self-exploration time, as well as an abundance of developmental activities to build strength and mobility.

Children are fed based on their individual schedule and needs. Teachers continually work together with families to review and update the feeding schedule based on the child’s growth (introduction to cereal, baby foods, and solid, table foods).

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